At the acro gym two weeks ago with stitchnup. We’ve worked long and hard to master Scorpion and “shoulder-flippy thing.”

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Three robots make one Dragon - I always insist on walking around until Jesy has gone “rar” to my satisfaction.

All photos by Sergio Mazzotta

Hatchworthina (joyfulpoet) flags in the sunshine with stitchnup and me.

All photos by Sergio Mazzotta

The extreme handsomeness of stitchnup as Mohawk Ferrari/Intern The Spine. 2nd photo by Gilded Violet, thank you!

Portrait practice procrastination from a while back (ref here)

joyfulpoet as Hatchworthina, doing acro in the sunshine at M2X

Coaching me through another routine. Watch the kid with the white hair. Such a lovely expression!

stitchnup teaches me a routine at M2X. That counterbalance is the best.

Summer fun robots 5 ever

heavy metal Andreja