Summer fun robots 5 ever

heavy metal Andreja

"…we’re doing this." Steve boundsstitchnup dances, I’m pleased with walking. I never finished posting photos from M2X! Soon.

Rosalarian, Meg Allen Studio, Ger Duany

Playing before the concert with stitchnup and joyfulpoet!

Group shots from Friday - Becile Girl and Walter Girls, Pocket the fanbot and me, Peter VI and Hatchworth.

Costumes for Friday night’s concert! Top photo by Sergio Mazzotta - he has great shots from all three days, check out his other FB albums. Peter VI, Becile Girl, Papa Spine is me.

stevethesoundguy and stitchnup Rock’em Sock’em, ohpierre has behind-the-scenes photos. Steve won the battle but almost lost the war.


Sunday shenanigans. :) imaginarybutler joyfulpoet and stitchnup