Playing before the concert with stitchnup and joyfulpoet!

Group shots from Friday - Becile Girl and Walter Girls, Pocket the fanbot and me, Peter VI and Hatchworth.

Costumes for Friday night’s concert! Top photo by Sergio Mazzotta - he has great shots from all three days, check out his other FB albums. Peter VI, Becile Girl, Papa Spine is me.

stevethesoundguy and stitchnup Rock’em Sock’em, ohpierre has behind-the-scenes photos. Steve won the battle but almost lost the war.

More Saturday acrobatics with stitchnup and joyfulpoet!

Saturday after the photo op, playing with stitchnup in the sunshine.

Debut of Homme Rabbit for Saturday’s photo op. Bunny (and James!) realized the connection between this and Youmacon’s Lady Rabbit, to my delight.


Hatchworthina is real!!

Look, joyfulpoet! Dragongirl you and Spinerox should do acrobatics with us next time, I can probably lift all four of you.





David tries on some sweet metal scale gloves!

Those would be a kick-ass addition to The Spine’s outfit.

I think he needs a pair.

David needs to show those to Steve!
Man, those are so cool!

So no one has asked yet if the vendor has a web site? Because seriously, I would at least like to price this product… Those look amazing!

That’s my boy Alex, aka Metal Artisan Studios! He has an Etsy, but go to any con in the northern US and he’ll probably be there. He’s also a real-life heavy metal superhero:

Oh! stitchnup and joyfulpoet and I will be at Midwest Media Expo this weekend! We’ve once again gone a bit mad with cosplay. Look for Stitch’s vividly purple hair.